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Risk assessment Autogenerate your risk register and risk treatment plan
Extended policy templates 90% of the essential are already written out of the box
Controls framework All controls are pre-loaded and already linked to the risks they mitigate
Task management Automate all actions, administration and setup time of your ISMS
Real time monitoring Understand status and progress across your ISMS with the Hicomply dashboard
Compliance & Training Your whole team, on the same page
Audit readiness Hicomply makes sure you have everything in place for your audit
Auditor access Give auditors a dedicated login to access and audit your ISM
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Benefits of having an ISO 27001-certified ISMS

The benefits of implementing an Information Security Management System (or ISMS) certified to a standard such as ISO 27001 go well beyond delivering a certificate. The benefits are transformational for most businesses.

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Use your ISMS to differentiate against your competitors

If your company builds an ISMS that is certified to ISO 27001 and your competitors are not, you will have an immediate advantage over them in the eyes of all customers who are increasingly sensitive about keeping their data safe. Most enterprise-level buyers now issue complex “InfoSec” tender questionnaires or RFP’s. Responding to these tenders is hugely time-consuming and comes with a cost to tender. Having the right ISMS and software solution supporting it will enable your sales teams to respond quickly, improve tender management and improve your win rate.

Reduce the risk of downtime, costly incidents, data breaches & fines.

Almost half of UK businesses (46%) report having cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months leading to high penalties, and reputational damage. On top of this, ever-increasing system integrations and digitisation of business processes present a heightened state of risks for all businesses. You tend to hear about the large corporate getting caught out, but all tech firms face the risk of data breaches and the fines associated with them. By securing your customer’s data you are securing your company’s future and its reputation. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2020 is £2.91 million, yet most businesses are left with inefficient, costly and paper-heavy manual processes to manage this risk.

Having an ISMS in place will reduce this risk and many technology businesses have been first to show innovation in this area of their business.

Legal compliance

There is a whole raft of ever-increasing laws, regulations, and contractual requirements related to information security. Many of them can be resolved by implementing an ISMS to a global standard like ISO 27001. Your ISMS gives you the perfect methodology and framework to comply at the highest level.

Build a scalable organisation

Most fast-growing companies don’t build scalable processes and procedures – as a consequence, very often the employees do not know what needs to be done, when, and by whom. Implementation of an ISMS helps resolve such situations, because it encourages companies to write down their main processes, enabling them to reduce lost time by their employees.

Improve Investability

Most firms fail due to lack of investment and gaining investment in the current climate is more competitive than ever. Investors as part of their due diligence checks will now always look at information security alongside other top-line criteria such as finance or legal. Having an ISMS in place lowers the risk around raising capital, as well as speed up due diligence and ultimately increase investor or buyer confidence.

Accelerate ISMS accreditation

Gaining ISO 27001 can take as long as 12-24 months for most organisations. For technology businesses in their early stages, there are distinct advantages, as the later, you leave it the evidence, controls and risks become more complex. Start early and reap the opportunity early. By doing so it’s wholly possible to gain compliance in as little as 6 months. You won’t regret the decision.

Download the infographic

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